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We are disrupting the Sensory Market for the better — creating and collating top quality sensory products for reasonable prices.

Who We Are 
Sensory House was born in early 2020 and is a small team of like minded individuals based in Dublin. We make Multi-Sensory Rooms (and various associated products), aiming to make it all accessible to the masses at an affordable price without compromising on quality! We are a relative new venture finding our feet, but we are proud to fly under the Made in Ireland banner.
With first-hand knowledge and experience, the team at Sensory House know the importance of early intervention in the developmental learning of kids with sensory issues and the ongoing support they require. We are here to help with everything from Sensory toys to safety padding to sensory beanbags and much much more at accessible prices.

“Our aim is to make sensory mainstream through our core values of affordable pricing, superior quality, great after service and a simple ‘plug & play’ installation. Utilising years of manufacturing experience in the Irish market it has enabled us to offer an incredible 70 items, for €6,995 while flying under the Made in Ireland banner and supporting as many people with sensory difficulties as possible.”  – Keith O’Grady, MD

We want to prioritise getting a Sensory Room into every home, school, hospital and corporate body that needs it allowing us to give every person access to premium quality sensory facilities at an affordable price.

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