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  Twister LampPortableThis awesome colour-changing lamp creates a captivating tornado display with built in colour changing LED lights. Watch as it transforms from bright green, to deep red then calming blue, whilst giving an incredible twister effect.Lamp does not get hot, making it ..
Ex Tax:€20.95
  Aroma DiffuserLED Colour ChangingA treat for your senses that will stimulate your sights and smells at the same time! This modern aroma diffuser includes an LED colour changing mood light which creates a truly intimate ambience in any room.Enjoyed by kids and adults alike by creatin..
Ex Tax:€34.95
Nebula LampPortableThis awesome colour-changing lamp creates a mesmerising Nebula display as the LED lights pulsate through a cloud of hues. Watch as the colours swirl from bright green, to deep red then calming blue, keeping you transfixed in amazement!  Lamp does not get hot, making..
Ex Tax:€20.95
Mathmos Projector Package(Incl 8 slide wheels & Carry Bag)The amazing Mathmos Space Projector projects a constantly changing lava lamp image onto walls or ceilings with interchangeable slide effect wheels. Used in calming environments all over the world, this really is the perfect accessory to a..
Ex Tax:€349.00
    Vibrating Massage Cushion * Due to High Demand , There is 1 week delivery delays on this item *This plushly covered vibrating cushion is stuffed with micro beads to offer great comfort and support by moulding itself to your body to help soothe away any niggling ache..
Ex Tax:€24.95
  Magnetic Hourglass TimerThe magnetic hourglass timer is the perfect educational gift for any budding scientist to explore magnetism.Place the hourglass onto the copper-coloured base stand and watch the iron filings fall from one end of the hour glass to the other. The base also contains ..
Ex Tax:€15.95
    Mini Rainbow Pin ArtFIDGETCreate 3D pictures and patterns by pushing the already extended multi-coloured pins back into the frame with either objects or body parts, without disturbing any of the other pins — this pin art toy encourages tactile awareness and much more.BENEFITS..
Ex Tax:€8.95
Laser Sphere This relaxing colour changing mood light has two function options. Relax and unwind as you enjoy the colour changing mood lighting or you can remove the iridescent semi-sphere cover to project the second dazzling light effect on the walls and ceiling which creates a nebular lightin..
Ex Tax:€36.95
    Squeezee Monsters Vibrant and designed to slowly rise and transform back to their original shape after being scrunched, squished, and shaped. Designed to be a soothing stress relieving source of fun, after being scrunched, squished & shaped, it will slowly ..
Ex Tax:€5.95
  SandScapeThe forces of gravity create completely unique and amazing landscapes. Twist the circular frame in its stand and watch mesmerising, ever-changing and intricate sand art appear within the glass frame.You can even shake the frame to create a mobile barrier of bubbles to alter..
Ex Tax:€19.95
Jellyfish Lamp Lose yourself watching the Jellyfish gracefully float about without so much as a care in the world…  they just go with the flow (well, jets of air actually) in the LED colour changing tank. Not only does this lamp act as a relaxing nightlight that blends between colours to c..
Ex Tax:€20.95
    Memory Maze Game Can you follow the flashing sequence? Correctly remember all 15 steps of the random pattern to win! Get any of the steps wrong and Memory Maze will give you a second chance to beat the sequence before you have to start again. This pocket sized game ..
Ex Tax:€7.95
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