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     Magnetic Sculpture This Magnetic Sculpture is a truly dynamic playing experience for kids. The magnetic base, paired with a bag of metal bolts, inspires endless creativity. Safe, durable, and interactive, it's a f..
Ex Tax:€9.95
           Liquid Spiral TimerExperience a soothing sensory journey as inky globules gracefully descend along the gentle curve of the ramp, gradually settling at the tube's base. Simply rotate the timer to initiate this..
Ex Tax:€9.95
           Glow In The Dark DinosaursIlluminate your space with the enchanting allure of our Glow in the Dark Dinosaurs – a collection of 50 luminous dinosaur shapes designed to transform your surroundings into a mesmer..
Ex Tax:€9.95
   Crystal Galaxy ProjectorThe star projector transforms your bedroom into a celestial haven, effortlessly projecting the starry sky onto walls or ceilings. With its user-friendly design, multiple light modes, and vibrant colors, it caters to diverse preferen..
Ex Tax:€129.00
           Colour Changing Fibre Optic LampA soothing solution for bedtime routines. This lamp emits a calming colour changing glows through a pyramid of crystals. It's perfect for helping little one's drift into a..
Ex Tax:€18.95
     BUBBLE TUBE FISH TANK (Acrylic) - White(Price on Application) The bubble tube fish tank aquarium seamlessly blends chic design with sensory delight. Crafted from durable acrylic (not glass), it offers a captivating 360-degree view with an inne..
Ex Tax:€449.00
   STRETCHY CentipedeOur centipede features a flexible, stretchable design, allowing children to engage in creative and dynamic play.  BENEFITS- Designed to help reduce anxiety and stress- Provide an outlet for emotion..
Ex Tax:€5.95
     LIGHT UP SQUISHY DINOSAUROur Light Up Squishy Dinosaur is a charming dinosaur that features a soft, squeezable texture and illuminates with a built in LED, providing a captivating sensory experience. Perfect for play, stress relief, and sensory..
Ex Tax:€4.50
     INFINITY CUBEOur Infinity Cube - This compact, interlocking cube provides a captivating and satisfying hands-on experience. Its versatile design is perfect for dexterity, fidgeting and stress relief and can help develop fine motor skills & ..
Ex Tax:€5.95
     TUB OF MAGNETIC LETTERS AND NUMBERSThis Tub of 52 Magnetic Letters and Numbers is perfect for enhancing early learning, providing a hands-on approach to literacy and numeracy skills. With their bright hues and tactile design, these magnets make..
Ex Tax:€8.95
         STRETCHY CENTIPEDEThe Stretchy Centipede - an imaginative toy crafted to inspire hours of play and exploration. This colourful centipede features a flexible, stretchable design, allowing children to engage in c..
Ex Tax:€3.95
     BUILD YOUR OWN CLOCK This Build Your Own Clock set empowers young minds! It comprises 31 pieces, requires no batteries, allowing children to explore the mechanisms of timekeeping in an engaging and hands-on way. With easy-to-follow instruct..
Ex Tax:€17.95
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