A Snooze Routine

For that time between dinner and bed (when anything seems to happen)

Senses:  Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Taste, Vestibular, Proprioception and Interoception
(combo of all the senses!)


It’s 7 o’clock and you need your little human to start calming down and getting ready to go to bed. We’ve been chatting with different mums to find out what works best for them when they’re facing this evening battle and compiled this list of top tips that might help you too!


You need a routine.

It’s the age-old recommendation because kids love repetition and when they know what to expect, they learn to anticipate bedtime rather than it becoming a fight each evening. Through introducing certain activities as part of the bedtime routine between dinner and sleep, you can create something that is fun, adaptable and hopefully calming.


Teeth Brushing.

Not always the easiest part of the evening ritual, we’ve heard that a toothbrush party (without the sugar and running around) can work wonders. Have the whole family participate after dinner and make it fun — encouraging laughter will ensure mouths are open wide and there’s a chance to check everyone’s handy work.


Quiet Play (it’s a good thing).

Play has been shown to be a big stress-reliever for kiddies, so quiet play can be super effective at calming them down. Usually allow for some time in which they don’t move around too much and everyone stays as quiet as possible. Dimly lit rooms work best, so turn off the main lights in favour of some softer and warmer ones (think fairy lights, or a torch with some cellophane). Listen to some soothing tunes or read some books together (let them pick it if it won’t take them hours, gives them some choice in a routine they can’t control) – there are even some mindfulness techniques for children you could try. The idea is to get comfortable and slow down, find something squishy to rest on like a mountain of pillows or a Mushy or Cushy (sorry for the plug — but the memory foam bean bags are like being enveloped by a cloud and ideal for relaxing).


Under Pressure (but gentle like).

If they’ll let you, a massage can be another element to explore with firm pressure and slow movements. Or try our Lappy  (weighted lap pad) or Snug (weighted blanket). This is not supposed to be another shameless plug, but both our weighted products can help calm your little ones with the pressure focusing them and hopefully relaxing them.


The Boogeyman needs to be evicted.

Kids have the best imaginations, so fear of lights out might be a very big deal for them — comfort them with a security object (special blanket or toy) or maybe try give your little ones the self-confidence to get rid of their own night-frights. Let them check all the regular monster spots and banish them themselves.