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Private Package

A more bespoke and customisable sensory room, designed to suit a specific individual’s sensory needs while still including a wide variety of tailored sensory products ideal for single or small group use.

Why A Sensory Room?

Schools and Hospitals should be places that feel comfortable and safe, equipped to cater to all people - for those who struggle processing environmental stimuli, a Sensory Room is that safe and comfortable space, ideal for exploring their senses.

What's a PRIVATE Sensory Room

This is a more customisable and bespoke Room, appropriate for corporate spaces, care homes and private dwellings. This package allows for more decisions to be made to suit a specific individual’s sensory needs or compliment an existing style (through colours and fabric options), while still including a wide variety of sensory products for single or very small group usage.

Private Package Includes

Fabrics & Colour Options

We offer a selection of colours and fabric options — premium faux leather (way nicer than PVC), micro- suede (based on the faux leather colours) or an organic alternative coming soon (all wipeable and kid friendly) to cover the Safety Padding Panels, Plinth and Ball Pit. We recommend customising your room with up to two colours in any fabric combinations (mix and match if you like, but suede is best on walls).




Both the packages have been designed with a simple plug and play installation process. Meaning, anyone with the tools and basic knowledge (or Ikea experience), should be able to install the rooms themselves. We don’t offer an installation service, but we can put you in touch with some very capable people who can install the room for you (it will cost extra though). We have tried to make installation instructions that are easy to follow. We supply a step-by-step guide with each purchase and list the few tools you’ll need. We also recommend some muscle, as many of our pieces are heavy duty and just plain old heavy. We find the toughest part is affixing safety padding panels to walls, so you will need someone handy with a drill! If you have any issues with installation, contact us — we are here to help and know it can be difficult to put something together for the first time.

Not convinced & need more info?

We love to chat, so please feel free to call us or send us an email if you have any questions or queries about our Public Sensory Room Package — we are more than happy to discuss. It also might be helpful to note, all our Sensory Rooms are safe for children and meet compliance regulations of public spaces (we can supply all our fire safety certificates upon request). There are also different Irish Government supports and grants available that can help cover all these costs, reach out for more information.