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  SandScapeThe forces of gravity create completely unique and amazing landscapes. Twist the circular frame in its stand and watch mesmerising, ever-changing and intricate sand art appear within the glass frame.You can even shake the frame to create a mobile barrier of bubbles to alter..
Ex Tax:€19.95
Jellyfish Lamp Lose yourself watching the Jellyfish gracefully float about without so much as a care in the world…  they just go with the flow (well, jets of air actually) in the LED colour changing tank. Not only does this lamp act as a relaxing nightlight that blends between colours to c..
Ex Tax:€22.95
    Memory Maze Game Can you follow the flashing sequence? Correctly remember all 15 steps of the random pattern to win! Get any of the steps wrong and Memory Maze will give you a second chance to beat the sequence before you have to start again. This pocket sized game ..
Ex Tax:€7.95
  Infinity Mirror A truly captivating and mesmerising gadget for all ages. The Infinity Mirror is a great visual stimulant that can be used in everyday life and is guaranteed to make anyone look ‘out of this world’.HOW IT WORKSThis Infinity Mirror contains two mirrors with different t..
Ex Tax:€22.95
  Glitter LampPortableThis awesome colour-changing lamp creates a mesmerising twisting display with colour changing LED lights. Watch as it transforms from bright green, to deep red then calming blue, whilst giving an incredible whirlpool effect.Lamp does not get hot, making it perfec..
Ex Tax:€22.95
  Glitter Lamp Speaker LED Lamp & Bluetooth Speaker A treat for your senses that will stimulate your sights and sounds at the same time! This modern high-quality bluetooth speaker includes an LED colour changing glitter light which creates a truly intimate ambience in an..
Ex Tax:€39.95
  Space Pinball Enjoy this classic arcade game in your own home, simply pull back the trigger and shoot the 6 metal pinballs into orbit!Remember when, the games kids played never ran off electricity, well this space pinball game is so retro as it requires no batteries.Super portable, ..
Ex Tax:€8.95
    Light Up Bubble Gun Are your little ones obsessed with bubbles? Surprise them with the mind-blowing Light-Up Bubbleizer Bubble Gun. Watch as the bubbles form through the translucent body of the gun before they fire out in an endless stream. The Light-Up Bubble Gun even ..
Ex Tax:€14.95
  Galaxy Projector Create your very own personal universe in the comfort of your home - the Space Galaxy Laser Star Projector will fill any dark space with a super sharp spectacle of animated stars and cloud formations.  ( 2 hour sleep timer) The projector uses all new green..
Ex Tax:€89.95
    Giant 9-Dome Convex Mirror Acrylic Wall Panel - ( 78cm x 78cm ) Providing a distorted , fun & interesting view of the world for children to explore & have fun. This enormous 9-dome convex mirror panel is made from scratch & shatter resista..
Ex Tax:€189.00
    Large Timer Clock DigitalThis large and clear digital timer clock is a perfect tool for learning digital time recognition & teaching time management skills or just to time usage in your shared Multi-Sensory room. The display times up or down in 1 second increments an..
Ex Tax:€11.95
    Touch & Match Board Texture Discovery PuzzleThis simple sensory aide asks players to touch, explore & match 12 different textures contained within a premium hardwood counters & board. Pop the counters in a bag or utilise a blindfold to make the puzzle even mo..
Ex Tax:€16.95
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