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      Expanda BallFIDGETThrough a series of scissor joints, you can pull the Expanda Ball sides out till it is nearly double in size — or throw it in the air and watch as it expands and retracts before catching.BENEFITS- Provides multi-sensory feedback through touch and sight- ..
Ex Tax:€5.95
      Sense BallsFIDGETA set of 6 tactile sensory balls made from a textured, soft plastic. The different textures and colours create a powerful multi-sensory experience.BENEFITS- Provide an outlet for emotions through squeezing and throwing- Designed to help reduce anxiety ..
Ex Tax:€19.95
         Large Scented BallsFIDGETA selection of coloured, fruity scented balls with fun faces and different expressions. Soft play balls to throw around and enhance the senses of smell with flavours like apple, strawberry, banana, grape and raspberry.BENEFITS- Provide..
Ex Tax:€2.75
      Flashing Mesh BallFIDGETA glitter filled flashing, squishy ball in a mesh casing, that when squeezed, the inside ball is able to spill out of the holes in bright rubbery bubbles as the light flickers within because of the applied pressure.BENEFITS- Calming qualities and e..
Ex Tax:€5.95
Glow in the Dark Space StarsFIDGETA glow in the dark set of 50 assorted space themed pieces that can be arranged on a wall or ceiling to create your own galaxy on any surface with the 50 sticky pads included. Each premium metal tin contains 50 pieces consisting of large stars, small stars, roc..
Ex Tax:€7.95
      Magnetic Letters & NumbersPACK OF All NUMBERS AND LETTERSA set of colourful magnetic letters and numbers, helping children to learn the alphabet and some simple spellings, recognise numbers and even practice some basic sums, all while having fun and interacting with t..
Ex Tax:€8.95
   Magnetic Board + MagnetsINCLUDES A SET OF LETTERS AND NUMBERSA colourfully framed, portable, double-sided and lightweight board (one side with a grid). This board can be used with magnetic letters and numbers or with a dry eraser marker, easy to write on and wipe clean. BENEFITS- Sti..
Ex Tax:€32.95
         Flashing Hula Hoop An adjustable Hula Hoop with flashing lights spread throughout each hoop segment, providing a captivating effect when spinning. BENEFITS- Stimulates the visual system with the different lights- Create focal point to capture attention w..
Ex Tax:€22.95
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